Highland Beef Farms gets it: we are a nation of snackers. The truth is that human beings—young and old—have their own reasons for needing nutritious, high quality, good-tasting calories available at hand. From busy office workers stuck at their desks to students rushing from school to sports practice or band, from kids at play to kids scurrying to their after school jobs, from computer programmers to construction workers, from parents, personal trainers and coaches to bikers and hikers along America’s trails.  

Our cheese bricks and beef and turkey summer sausages are perfect for any occasion, outdoors or in. Our meat sticks, available in turkey, chicken and beef, will satisfy a wide audience of customers, and our (real cheese logo) cheese dips, available in 8oz and 2oz containers in a variety of flavors, are ideal for snacking and serving. All of our shelf-stable products can be essential elements for emergency food supplies.

Our line of healthy, shelf-stable, satisfying meat and cheese snacks, always a great value to the consumer, can be purchased in bulk quantities by clients in a wide array of markets:

  • Adventure Camps – Because our products are shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration, they are perfect for day camps, summer camps, boy scout camps, etc. They also provide the nutrition that kids need to stay active.
  • Brewpubs and Wineries – Nothing beats the classic combinations of beer and sausage and wine and cheese. Our products are a natural fit for brewpubs and wineries wishing to provide delicious, convenient snacks to their guests.
  • Corporate Breakrooms
  • Distributors
  • Emergency Services
  • Feeding Programs (link to Products)
  • Government Institutions
  • Meal Packagers
  • Military Institutions                 
  • Schools (Link to Products)
  • Warehouse/Club Stores