HBF is a premier developer and wholesale marketer of shelf-stable, quality meat and cheese products.  Whether you are looking for beef, chicken, or turkey snacks or 100% natural cheese snacks, HBF carries a wide range of nutritious products. This includes meat sticks, deli bites, summer sausages, and deli slices, as well as natural cheese bricks and spreads, all of which require no refrigeration. Whatever you choose, each meat and cheese product is made with care, always with premium ingredients that provide good nutrition, great taste, and convenient portability. 

New markets are always emerging, looking for nutritious, high protein, filling snacks that don’t require refrigeration. Our line of healthy, shelf-stable, satisfying meat and cheese products, always a great value to the consumer, are purchased wholesale in bulk quantities by warehouse clubs, meal packagers, the military, feeding programs, schools, and corporate break rooms, as well as by many Federal and state institutions. Adventure camps find our selection of products perfect for the hiking trail, as does FEMA responding to emergencies.

HBF’s longstanding customer relationships have dynamically shaped the direction of the company. Our unique recipes are always evolving to keep pace with the changing tastes and nutritional needs of the snacking public.

Almost a half-a century of leading the action to bring delicious, nutritious meat and cheese snacks to a nation on-the-go: Come home to Highland Beef Farms.

Dedicated To Quality

Highland Beef Farms’ meat and cheese products are all manufactured in American plants from the highest quality ingredients sourced right here in the USA. When you purchase from us, rest assured that all our meats and cheeses are delicious, nutritious, and easy to store. All our products are shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration, and have a shelf life of 6-12 months. Our meats and cheeses are naturally gluten free and have no added MSG.  We believe that quality, portability, and winning taste can come at competitive prices.

Nutrition on the Run—Shelf-stable snacking for a world in motion.